We are TAQ

Supporting our clients deliver sustainable infrastructure for tomorrow’s Saudi Arabia.

We are proud to be helping our clients across Saudi Arabia to efficiently and effectively achieve their goals. We find solutions that not only manage engineering and construction risk but also maintain and enhance our current environment without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

We provide solutions using our integrated planning and design approach to deliver functional infrastructure and lasting environmental and social legacies.

We help our clients create a line of sight between strategic decision making and the data necessary to make those decisions, leveraging the value of data-driven decisions at every point of the asset life cycle. Leading-edge digital transformation creates more resilient, reliable and intelligent solutions, and the use of satellite technology, artificial intelligence and data analytics provides powerful and meaningful insights that lead to better investment decisions.

Collaborative culture, technical excellence, digitally enabled.

By combining our technical expertise and our digital capabilities, we can effectively support our clients to achieve their desired outcomes.


Interior Design

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Urban Design

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